3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android

3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android 2020

This very article will make you learn how you can keep your Androids safe from malware attacks. We are dependent on our Androids. For most of our tasks, we rely greatly on our smartphones. Be it mobile banking or online shopping. Android has become a widely used operating system around the world. And so getting malware on your Android can be very problematic for you. In order to keep it protected, you must install antivirus apps on your phones. These antivirus apps keep your Android safe by preventing malicious web pages or files from being opened. Keep reading this article for learning about the 3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android 2020.

3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android 2020

3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android

Some of the best antivirus apps are:

Bitdefender Mobile Security

This app gives your Android incredible protection with a number of other exciting features. Its features include anti-theft and the finest antivirus capabilities. This app provides special security to your Google Chrome. And not only this, its anti-theft capabilities allow you to locate and lock your device which is very useful in case you have lost your phone. You must give it a try.

Avast Mobile Security

The app is more than a regular antivirus app. It does virus scanning so well. The app is not just limited to this. It also has an anti-theft feature, the app has a junk cleaner to free your storage space, and also a RAM BOOST which will improve the speed of your device. The most important feature of this app is ‘in-app locking’ which will protect certain apps with a PIN. This feature will curb malware from launching apps.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

This app does not only scans new apps for malware before they are installed but also prevents newly downloaded apps from accessing other applications on your Android. In this app, there is a built-in privacy scanner for Facebook. This app includes web protection, anti-theft, and a Wi-Fi checker to make sure that you are connected to a safe network. Isn’t it all in one app?

All of the above-mentioned antivirus apps keep your Android safe from malware. Keep your personal information safe, protect you from malicious websites, and prevent loss with the help of their anti-theft feature. So you must opt for at least one Antivirus apps for your Android. Read another article at the following link:

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