4 Best Camera Apps for Android Phones

4 Best Camera Applications for Android Phones in 2020

The trend that is on peak for the past five six years is that of selfies. People are so much obsessed with taking pictures that they care about nothing else. Like how they are looking or where they are. Because their Android camera app will make them look beautiful anyways. Capturing every moment of life has become an essential part which none of us would like to skip. For the better fulfilment of this task let us tell you some best Android camera apps in the following article. This article will guide the users about 4 Best Camera Applications for Android Phones in 2020.

4 Best Camera Applications for Android Phones in 2020

4 Best Camera Apps for Android Phones

Adobe Photoshop Camera

This is a photo editor which helps you to take pictures by adding aesthetic filters. And the best thing about this Android camera app is that it does not require Photoshop skills. Even if you know a little about editing pictures, you can use it easily. Also it is free of cost.

4 Best Camera Apps for Android Phones

Open Camera

This camera app is suitable for Android phones and tablets. It has a number of things to fall for. This camera app offers different focus modes, scene modes, auto stabilizer, HD recording, GEO tagging of photos and what not. This is a useful camera app and you must give it a try.


This Android camera app is highly recommended for selfies. It has 100+ filters in selfie editor. Using this app you can also add doodles on your photos. You can also record videos and turn your videos into GIF mode. This app is not just limited to photos. You can  meet new friends in its selfie editor as well.

Camera MX

This is fully featured Android camera app that offers plenty of options. It helps you to get clear and sharp photos. Not just this, its top features include live shots, GIF, gallery and Shoot the Past options.

 All smartphones have pre-installed cameras. But your built in camera does not always help you to take best shots. The above mentioned Android camera apps will assist you a lot in this matter.

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