Creating a WhatsApp Group Where Only Admins Can Message

Have you ever wondered about creating a WhatsApp Group Where Only Admins Can Message? This short article will guide you about creating a WhatsApp group where only admins can send the messages.

WhatsApp is a very famous application that is in use by millions of users every day. It is one of the most preferred applications over mobile phones. WhatsApp is the most common method of sharing information among families and friends. WhatsApp groups promote working with different clients. Different team members can also work together in a group.

This application is available for Android, IOS and windows platform. A WhatsApp Web feature is also available. WhatsApp web allows its use on the internet. Whatsapp groups offer discussion between people. The WhatsApp groups have the limit of adding 256 people. By default, every participant can chat in a group. WhatsApp groups make the conversation very easy and quick. The response time within the WhatsApp is also very quick.x

In some situations, the admins should only have the writing permissions in a group.

Quick procedure for creating a WhatsApp Group Where Only Admins Can Message:

The first step is to create a group in WhatsApp. After the group creation, the participants will be added. It is one of the most useful features in WhatsApp. All the important messages will be always available in such groups. In the beginning, the participants can send the messages in the group.

The permission of sending messages requires a change from “All participants” to “Only Admins”. In this way, only admins are given access to send messages among groups. Admin authority groups are a new feature of WhatsApp. Admins can post in this scenario and others will only read. Admin based groups support promotions within businesses. Therefore such groups support affiliate marketing. Here is a step by step guide for creating groups where only admins can message.

How to Create a WhatsApp Group Where Only Admins Can Message

Step-By-Step Procedure

Create a WhatsApp group:

Creating a WhatsApp Group

Provide the group name:

Creating a Whatsapp group Where Only Admins  Can Message

Add the participants of the group:

Creating a WhatsApp Group and Adding the participants to the group.

The participants can be canceled as well according to requirements:

Cancelling the participants in the group.

Change the settings of sending messages:

Changing the settings

Change the settings from “All participants” to “Only Admins”:

Changing the settings for only admins to send messages

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