How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp For Users of Android.

Almost all social media platforms have dark modes. These social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud. Google Chrome also has a dark mode. Facebook took some time for introducing dark mode in WhatsApp. Facebook took WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. Many people like the dark theme for WhatsApp. The new WhatsApp update includes a dark mode. This update is available for users of Android 9 and 10. Only update devices can enable this feature. You can update your phone automatically as well as manually. You have to follow the following steps for enabling the dark mode in your WhatsApp. This guide shows How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp For Users of Android. Keep reading for more information:

How to quickly enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp:

For enabling the dark mode in Android WhatsApp, you should have the latest version of the WhatsApp application. Your phone should have Android 9 or 10 versions for enabling the dark mode.

First of all open the WhatsApp Application.

In the next step, click the three dots at the upper right corner.

How to quickly enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp. three dots

Click on Settings.

Chat section How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp For Users of Android.

Hit the “Chats” section.

Clicking chats How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp For Users of Android.

Click on “Themes”.

Themes  WhatsApp

Two options will be available, You can click either “Light” or “Dark” color according to your choice.

Light or Dark theme

Some important Considerations about the Dark Mode of WhatsApp:

This feature is a coveted feature. Due to this reason, it is integrated into the WhatsApp Application.

This feature has health benefits including reducing eye strain. Therefore, people can use the application for more time without having eye strain.

Sometimes, people get a little disturb when someone enters the room at night with a shining screen, This feature reduces such embarrassment for people. When the screen will be dark, you can easily sneak in any room at night while using the application.

By using the dark mode, the readability increases greatly. A combination of different colors makes it possible in the dark mode.

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