Latest Features of Android 10 that users must use.

The latest version of android is currently Android 10. It has some amazing features. These features are very amazing. This is a quick guide about the latest features of Android 10 that users must use.

Android 10 is in use from September 2019. The Pixel phones first had this operating system but now all the latest phones have Android 10 version installed. The latest phones such as Galaxy 20 and Z flip etc, all use Android 10.

Many new features are present in Android 10. Some of these include a dark theme mode, improvements in the privacy of individuals and a live caption. if you just got a new phone that runs Android 10, then don’t worry!. I have got your back. In this article, I will discuss some of the really cool features of Android 10.

Latest Features of Android 10 that users must use:

The New Gesture Navigation:

This feature is available in pixel phones along with other latest android phones. Gesture navigation needs to be turned on. By using swapping and tapping, a user can move between different applications rather than relying on the traditional button navigation. It is one of the most beautiful features of android 10.

Latest Features of Android 10 that users must use. Gesture navigation
Gesture Navigation

QR codes for Wifi Connection:

The android 10 users can create and scan a QR code for joining a WIFI network. This feature makes the connection of devices to the WIFI very easy. This setting can be changed in the settings option of the phone.

QR code scanner Latest Features of Android 10 that users must use.
QR code scanner

Application Removal Undo:

Have you ever deleted an application accidentally? Come on! it has happened before with all of us. With the Android 10, you have the flexibility of undoing the application removal. The point is, the Android 10 gives the users some seconds after uninstalling an application to undo the action. In this way, if the user changes his mind, he can undo the action rather than regretting and installing the application again.

Better location control:

Before Android 10, the applications had access to the location of the device and the location was always on. In the case of Android 10, you have the ability to control the location access. An application will only track the location when it will be in use.

Come on! go ahead use your new Android 10 phone with its amazing features.

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