5 Best New Features of Android 11

The 5 Best New Features Of Android 11

The beta version for the Android 11 has been released for the general public. Many different captivating features have been introduced in the Android 11 platform. Keep reading this article for getting into great insights about the 5 best new features of Android 11.

Android platform is one of the most famous platforms that is available in the marketplace and more than two billion users around the world use Android devices. The Google Play offers a huge repository of different Android apps. The beta version of Android 11 gives a sneak peek to the users about what new features are going to come later. Down below is the detail of some top features of Android 11 beta release:

The 5 Best New Features Of Android 11:

Three types of alert notifications :

The Android 11 will prioritize the notifications into three categories. Most important notifications will belong to the category of priority and they will be shown on top. The second category of notifications will be alert notifications. These notifications will be present in the middle after priority notifications. The last category of notifications are silent notifications and these notifications will be silent without any alert. Therefore, by using Android 11, you can easily prioritize your notifications.

The conversations will be accessed via “Bubbles”:

Android 11 introduce a universal type of chat bubbles for all the applications that will implement this feature. Some of you might like the bubble feature of Facebook Messenger. If you will use Android 11, then most of the applications will support the bubble interface for conversations.

Media players will be present in quick settings:

in the Older versions of Android, by listening for different media on the mobile phone, the controls would appear inside the notification section figured in Android 11, all the controls for different media players will be available in quick settings options. It will give the control of media players in an easy way by directly using the control panel.  

Enhance camera permissions:

The Android 11 platform greatly supports the privacy of the users. It provides advance camera permission options. A user can select the use of camera while only using the application, a user can also allow the camera permission at every time, And a user can also deny the permission of camera completely in an app. So, you can easily customize your camera permissions in Android 11.

New power button menu:

Android 11 will support a new power button menu. By simply using the power button, a user can get a menu and a user can easily turn off the phone, restart it, use certain features such as Google pay but even go to quick settings by using the power menu. Moreover, these sections are customizable. Therefore, all these features are showing promising success of Android 11 platform.

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