The New Expected Features Of Whatsapp in 2020

Who does not use WhatsApp?. It is the most popular application over the Application store. It has over 1.5 billion active users. These users are present among 180 countries. This article will share some insights about the new expected features of WhatsApp in 2020.

Some of the most important features that might be present in the WhatsApp application in the near future include the following:

Whats New The New Expected Features Of Whatsapp in 2020

The New Expected Features Of Whatsapp in 2020:


The shopping feature is present on Instagram for Facebook. Something similar can be present on WhatsApp soon. With the help of in-app payments and purchases, this feature will be very successful in the future.

Timer for deleting messages:

WhatsApp might include a timer that will delete the sent messages after a certain period of time. This feature will be very useful. Currently, there is no way for the deletion of the texts automatically. This feature will be highly useful. It will prevent the phones from storing the bulk of sent messages. This feature will save both the time and device space for the users.

In-App Browser:

The In-App browser will be something similar to the Twitter and Facebook In-App browsers. This In-App browser will be very advance. It will also warn the users before opening links that can contain malicious codes. In this way, the users of WhatsApp will have the facility of protected browsing.

Boomerang Videos:

The boomerang videos are very famous among Snapchat users and Instagram users. This feature might also be present in the WhatsApp in the future. This feature mostly captures the attention of the users that have the hobby of photography. By using this feature, the users will be able to capture and share the short and looping type of videos among their contacts.

Conclusion about The New Expected Features Of Whatsapp in 2020:

The above features are the New Expected Features Of Whatsapp in 2020. Every Application over the Google play store is getting better with time. Due to this reason, continuous innovation in current applications is very important. The new features in WhatsApp will increase the use of the Application.

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