Top 5 Awesome Android 10 Features that You Must Know.

Are you running the latest version of Android 10? Android 10 is one of the latest versions of the Android phones. Android 10 supports many exciting features. Keep reading this article for learning about Top 5 Awesome Android 10 Features that You Must Know.

Android 10 runs on all the latest phones including the phones that support the 5G network technology. Down below is the list of top five Android 10 features that must be used by everyone who uses this latest Android phone version.

Top 5 Awesome Android 10 Features that You Must Know:

Dark theme:

Dark theme in Android phones is one of the most desired features by the users. Google finally released the dark mode in Android phones. this dark mode turns the whole user interface into a dark hue. as a result, it saves battery time and it reduces the strain on the eyes. Moreover, turning on this dark mode is very easy. Users just have to click on the settings in the display section to enable the dark mode.  this mode is automatically turned on in Android 10 phones when the user uses the battery saving mode.

Smart Reply in Messages:

Android 10 uses machine learning techniques in third-party messaging applications. Based on the user responses, it will suggest the quick three replies that the user can use. In this way, the option of smart reply in messages will enhance the reply time for the users.  

Google Maps will use Incognito mode:

Incognito mode will provide a private search mode for the Google Maps. This feature will allow the users two navigate different places without their data being backed up in the Google accounts. This feature will be released later. Right now this feature is in development.  

Focus Mode:

The focus mode will enable the users to avoid distraction during a certain amount of time. in this way, by using the focus mode the users can disable some applications in the background by the particular task.

Excellent Parental controls:

New parental controls are present for Android 10. it would allow the parents to set up proper application-specific time limits for certain applications for their children. in this way, the parents will be able to monitor the screen time activity for their children. The parents will also be able to manage the time and content for different categories of Tv Shows for their kids.  

Top 5 Awesome Android 10 Features

Go Ahead and enjoy using the cool features of Android 10 on your phones.

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