What Are The Best Free Android Apps For Your Phone?

What Are The Best Free Android Apps For Your Phone?

Are you wondering about the best free Android Apps for your phone? Look no further. In this article, I will show you a list of best free Android Apps that are free of cost. All of these Android Apps are present on the Play Store for free. What are you waiting for? Keep reading this article for more information about top Android Apps for your Android phone.

Google play store is one of the largest Android app marketplaces. Google play store consists of more than 2 million android apps. Hundreds of options are available on this platform that are free of cost. New apps are published continuously on Android. Its a good time for you to switch to some new Apps and say good bye to some old ones.

What Are The Best Free Android Apps For Your Phone?

Here is a list of some of the best Free Android Apps in 2020:

Google Pay:

We all live in the time of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Nowadays, people prefer contact-less transactions. What more do you need if you can pay up all of your bills just by a tap of your mobile phone? It is one of the most useful free Android App available on the play store.


If you like ordering food online just with the help of some simple clicks on your phone, then this android app is the best for you. It provides a variety of different irresistible options and offers by which you can save money and get the food of your choice.

Find my Device:

Many times, Our phone is lost or we forget where we left it. This app is very crucial as it helps in locating the phone easily. This App offers GeoIlocation. If your phone is stolen, then you can remotely delete your data from this app.

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