How to Connect your PC with your Television quickly.

Corona Virus has put people into lockdown. People are becoming annoying at home. It is not fun to see your favorite TV shows and TV series on small screens. You can easily turn your Television into a big screen. Keep reading this article about How to Connect your PC with your Television quickly.

By connecting your PC with your Television, you can easily sit on a sofa and enjoy watching your favorite stuff on the big screen. You can utilize the Television screen for video conference. Connecting to the Television via PC is a very simple process. I will discuss different options in this simple guide for making a connection between PC and Television. Down below are some tips for making this connection:

How to Connect your PC with your Television quickly:

Mirroring the Connection:

Mirroring the connection means that you will view the same content on television that will be present on the PC. This article will discuss the mirroring techniques in detail.

Use a Wired HDMI Cable:

One of the easiest and cheapest options for mirroring your TV screen is using an HDMI cable. You will put this cable in HDMI input on the TV. HDMI cable is cheap and this method of connection is very easy. You can view the amazon. Just ensure which type of HDMI cable you will require as nowadays laptops have different kinds of HDMI ports such as Full-size HDMI, Mini HDMI, and USB C port. Just check your laptop specs before buying the HDMI.

How to Connect your PC with your Television quickly.

Wireless Connection:

You can forget about the wires completely if you have any latest kind of laptop that supports wireless connectivity. Here is a quick guide about connecting your PC to television on Windows 10. Just ensure that the resolution of your television matches the output resolution of the laptop. You can also use different modes such as “Gaming mode” or “Movie mode” depending on your requirements. Check out my other articles at the following links:

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