The best Antivirus Softwares for Windows 10 in 2020.

Have you been wondering about the best Antivirus Softwares for Windows 10 in 2020? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place. I will give you a comprehensive guide about the best Antivirus Softwares for Windows 10. Plenty of options are available over the internet. A person can get huge confusion while deciding on the right choice. Keep reading this article for more information.

After searching a lot and using a lot of antivirus software for Windows 10 and using a lot of them, I have compiled a list of best Anti Virus Softwares in 2020 for Windows 10.

The best Antivirus Softwares for Windows 10:

Windows Defender:

A few years ago, Windows Defender was the least favorite choice regarding the protection of the computers. Now Windows Defender offers one of the best protection among the whole IT Industry. AV-Test is an organization that evaluates the performance of Antivirus software. AV-Test give a score of 100% to the Windows Defender regarding Malware detection. In this way, Windows Defender is now a safe choice for many users who want to protect their laptops and computer systems.

The best Antivirus Softwares for Windows 10 in 2020. Windows Defender

Malware bytes Antivirus:

It is the best Anti Virus software in my opinion. Its free version also does its job fairly quickly. The premium service is of course paid. You can complete an online scan as well by using malware bytes. This online scanning service is free of cost. You can ger premium features for a 14 day trial period when you will use the free version of the software.

The best Antivirus Softwares for Windows 10 in 2020.

BitFender Internet Security:

This software provides real-time protection from malware. It provides great usability for the users. It provides three types of security for users. These securities include Total, Internet and Basic security. It also offers parental controls and malware protection.


Go ahead, peeps! Download and enjoy the anti-virus software that best suits your needs and protect your Windows 10 PC from viruses and malware. For more articles, Visit the following links:

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