3 Upcoming Technologies of 2021

3 Upcoming Technologies of 2021 The Tech geeks Are Looking Forward

From the start of 2020 till yet we have experienced things that we have never gone through before. This year made us more acquainted with uncertainties. This particular year forced businesses to embrace digital transformation more than ever before. According to research, the number of businesses that have moved online during the past few months is more than in the last decade. Every year the technology seems to improve more and more at a faster pace. But COVID-19 has accelerated the technology in a way that we have never witnessed before. In the rest of the article, we will let you know about technologies that will come forth in 2021. Keep reading this article for learning about 3 Upcoming Technologies of 2021 The Tech geeks Are Looking Forward.

3 Upcoming Technologies of 2021 The Tech geeks Are Looking Forward

3 Upcoming Technologies of 2021

Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

You are all familiar with a technology trend which is the Internet of things. So there is another trend called the internet of behavior, which you will be experiencing or using in 2021. Businesses and companies are taking more and more advantage of technology and using it for the purpose of monitoring the consumer’s behaviors. Some of the technological tools here include facial recognition, big data as well as location tracking. Companies have predicted that by 2025 more than half of the world’s population will be under the IoB tool.

More Efficient Devices

Since the pandemic has made an abrupt shift to working from home so people are in a dire need of some smart devices. The customers need some light, small as well as effective devices to get most of their work done from home. For this, the manufacturers are working and providing people some hybrid devices. For example, we can take Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 which has done this quite well for people. In 2021, you will see a number of stronger and more efficient folding and unfolding devices.

Quantum Computing

In the management of COVID-19 quantum computing has helped a lot. It has lent a helping hand in terms of managing the spread, looking for vaccines, and in the development of therapeutics.  During the pandemic, people have realized the importance of quantum computing. So we are likely to see its application in many industries in the upcoming year.

Major technology trends are coming your way. Let’s see how these new advancements impact your life for the better. Check another article at the following link:

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