Best plugins for New WordPress Blogging Website

Best plugins for New WordPress Blogging Website

Are you starting a new blogging website? You have installed a beautiful theme for your website and now you are wondering how to download the best plugins for your website? Well! look no further. Keep reading this article for learning about the best plugins for the New WordPress Blogging Website.

Now you must be thinking about what a Plugin is? WordPress plugins are pieces of code that increase the functionality of WordPress websites. WordPress provides the opportunity of downloading plugins and activating them immidiately to use them.

Best plugins for New WordPress Blogging Website:

Here is the list of some top plugins for you. These plugins will support your WordPress website and will make your blogging experience easy.

Yoast SEO Plugin:

Yoast SeO plugin. Best plugins for New WordPress Blogging Website

If you are starting a blog then you definitely want search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is very important for growing the website and increasing its traffic. Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins for using in your blogging website. It is one of the most trusted plugins on the WordPress platform. This plugin is automatically updated so that it would work with all different types of websites and themes. This platform provides different types of optimizations for synonyms and different keywords. It provides complete control for using the different categories and keywords inside a post. By using this platform you will always include new and fresh content inside your blog.

Easy Social Sharing:

Easy Social Sharing Plugin. Best plugins for New WordPress Blogging Website

This plugin is one of the best plugins that is used for the integration of social media inside your blog post. Whenever you will write a blog post, you will always share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This plugin is important if you want to make your blog popular and use it for marketing purposes. This blog will share your content among different social sharing platforms in no time.

Akismet Antispam :

Asikmet Anti Spam. Best plugins for New WordPress Blogging Website

If you own a website, then you should be aware of the importance of keeping your blogging website safe from external attacks and spams. If you want to save your website from spam comments, you have to install this plugin. This plugin will examine all of the comments and the contact form submissions and it will ensure that no spam happens on your website.


Jet Pack. Best plugins for New WordPress Blogging Website

If you are going to make a blogging website then you would want to manage it effortlessly. Jetpack is one of the best plugins that provides quick management for the blog website. It will keep a track on all the visitors and different readers that will come to your blog and it will increase the user retention rate on your website. This plugin also provides support in spam filtering, malware and other brute force attack protections.

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