Download Windows 10 for Free on your PC In Simple Steps.

Windows 7 is now officially RIP. I assume that you must have upgraded to windows 10. But if you haven’t then this simple guide will show you how to download windows 10 for free on your PC. Keep reading this article for a simple guide.

The official support for Windows 7 ended in January 2020. This essentially means that the users of Microsoft Windows should switch to Windows 10. By using Windows 10, the devices will run more efficiently and securely. There are two ways by which you can say goodbye to Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 10. The first is by purchasing windows 10 for around $139 from the official Microsoft website. The second option is free of cost and you will more likely move towards the free option. Let’s be honest! no one wants to spend their dollars if they get the same thing for free.

Microsoft offers a free upgrade option for the current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This upgrade was introduced in the year 2015. It was available until July 2016. But still, it is working fine for many people. If you will continue to use Windows 7, remember that you will no longer get updates and fixes from Microsoft. It will put your device at a greater risk of spyware and viruses. So hurry up! upgrade your computer to the latest Windows 10 for free and keep your device up to date. Here are some easy steps for upgrading your PC to Windows 10 for free:

Download Windows 10 for free on your PC:

First of all, Visit the website “Download windows 10″.

Download Windows 10 for free on your PC. download windows 10

Go to “Create Windows 10 installation media

Download Windows 10 for free on your PC. Download tool now

In the next step, click the “Download tool now” and hit “Run“.

Download the tool

Click on “Upgrade this PC now” option.

Keep following the prompts during the installation process.

After the Upgrade process, visit the “Settings Update & Security” option and then go to > “Activation“.

You will view the license for Windows 10.

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