Secure Your Gmail Account With simple and easy steps:

Nobody wants a violation of their privacy. Surely you will not like it if someone snoops around your Gmail account. Gmail is one of the most popular service emails around the world. You should secure and protect it from unauthorized access immediately. Don’t worry! I will guide you about some ways in which you can easily secure your Gmail account with simple and easy steps. Keep reading this article for more information.

Gmail account comprises of a lot of important information. It consists of the password reset information, bank statements, and personal letters, etc. If by chance, someone gets access to this Gmail account, then the complete online identity of a person can be compromised. The Gmail account should be properly secured. It only takes a few minutes to properly secure the google account rather than waiting for a hacker to find the unsecured account and steal the digital identity of the compromised person. Some of the steps regarding securing the Gmail account properly are as follows:

Secure Your Gmail Account With simple and easy steps:

Set up a strong password:

It is imperial that the users should use strong kinds of passwords and moreover different passwords for all the accounts. If you use the same password for different accounts, it is just like sending an invitation for all accounts to be hacked at the same time. Use a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters and special characters for passwords.

Secure Your Gmail Account With simple and easy steps. Strong Password.

Using 2 step verification for Gmail Account:

2 step verification includes adding another layer of protection besides password on your account. By using 2 step verification if you or anyone else uses your password for logging in the account then you will get a password either via email or SMS for logging into the account.

2 Factor Authentication. Secure Your Gmail Account With simple and easy steps

Adding a Recovery email or Recovery Phone Number:

It is important that a recovery method should be present for the account. In this way, if your account gets lock due to any reason, you can easily recover your account by adding a recovery email or recovery phone number.

Adding recovery methods

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