Telecommuting along with Corona Virus.

The new Corona Virus is spreading at a rapid pace. According to sources, there are more than 169,000 confirmed cases of the deadly virus. This virus is making the general life of people difficult. Many organizations are encouraging people to start working from home. Keep reading this guide for learning about how to do the proper Telecommuting along with Corona Virus.

A silver lining exists in this situation. A variety of different tech tools are available for companies to encourage work from home. Despite the Corona Crisis, these tools make it possible for daily life activities to go on. These tools are available to everyone. Anyone can use these tools according to their convenience. Some of the options for Telecommuting along with coronavirus are as follows:

Telecommuting along with Corona Virus:

Google G Suite:

One of the basic principles of working online is to work with collaboration. Every team member has to work incoherence with each other. Google G Suite is a business subscription. It is an improved version of Google drive. It offers utilities like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Telecommuting along with Corona Virus. G suite

Ensure 2 Factor authentication while working Online:

While working online many documents are in use simultaneously. It is, therefore, necessary to use 2 Factor Authentication. The 2 Factor Authentication will provide an extra layer of security to the important documents. By using this authentication method, no one can sneak peek into your stuff even with your user credentials. You will get live codes via email or SMS to get access to your account.

G Suite For Education:

According to some sources, the Enterprise edition of Gsuite is free of cost until July 1, 2020. This is one of the best remote live streaming tools that can be used for educational purposes. You can create your account by using this link G suite for Education. This is one of the best tools out there. It can be used to live stream a network traffic of 100,000 visitors simultaneously.

Telecommuting along with Corona Virus. G suite for education

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Telecommuting along with Corona Virus. Comment

  1. Students and teachers are becoming well versed in G Suite. These habits will help reduce carbon footprint of the world in the long run even after this pandemic is over.

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